About us

United Lubricants is a privately owned Family company, with roots in the UAE, Kuwait, Egypt and Saudi Arabia and now 4 years in South Africa. Its South African base is in Cape Town extending beyond the borders of South Africa. With our extensive profound experience, best industry specialists, we have a clear vision of the future direction of the petrochemical industry. We place a great value on the vital role of quality and innovations, which became key performance indicators for us, whether it comes to our product, technologies deployed or to our staff. United Lubricants has a solid foundation and our Lubricants are blended in the Gulf by EU approved Blenders working with cutting edge technologies, modern research and technical laboratories. It provides a business competitive edge and builds a strong confidence amongst our clients worldwide. With access to these advanced blending plants we are able to provide our clients’ specific requirements and give a tailor made approach to every customer. The level of credibility we built within years of honest work only became possible due to our continuous committed service to our customers and delivering Quality and performance.


As a market oriented manufacturer, focusing on our customers’ needs, United Lubricants strives to deliver innovative solutions. Outperforming every product category whilst maintaining a high level of credibility with impeccable working ethics. We are aware that there are well known branded oils in the market that are difficult to compete with. UL is not in competition with these branded oils but we realize the need for more affordable Quality Lubricants. Whilst there are many companies offering these types of lubricants, as far as “non Branded” lubricants go, United’s mission is to be the leader in this sector of the market, driven by Quality and Price......


Great care has gone into our packaging. United has its own designer label and packaging. Plastics bottles are blown in house with our own designer moulds, caps, inserts and spouts. We offer our products in the following range:

  • 208 Litre drums
  • 20 Litre containers
  • 5 litre Plastic cans
  • 500ml Plastic cans
  • 500ml Tin cans

Contact: info@unitedlubricants.co.za

Tel: +27 (0)82 462 2111